General Settings Tab

Manage most of options for WordPress Mega Menu.

1 – List of menu locations using mega menu.

2, 4, 6 – Menu break points for chosen locations. Unit is pixel. Depends on list of locations. The menu will switch to mobile layout if screen width is smaller than break point.

3, 5, 7 – Turn menu sticky on/off for chosen locations. Usually only used one sticky menu on a page.

8 – Choose menu locations for vertical layout.

9, 12 – Vertical base width type for chosen locations. Depends on list of vertical menu locations. Value can be: “Closest Selector” or “Number”. If “Closest Selector”, the sub-menu width will be calculated base on nearest wrap element that match the selector bellow (11 and 14). If “Number”, the sub-menu will be calculated base on the entered number.

10, 13 – Set top level (level 0) of vertical menu width.

11, 14 – Wrap selector for calculate sub-menu width of vertical menu.

15 – Custom CSS code.

16 – Custom Java Script/jQuery code.

General Settings Tab
General Settings Tab